HONDA Civic/Del Sol/EL Used ZC 1.6L Engine (1996-2000)

Applications: Civic 1996-2000; Del Sol 1996-1997; El 1997-2000.  Used low mileage direct import from Japan. Engine has been cleaned and tested for compression, oil pressure, and leak down tested. Warranty does not include coverage of external accessories (manifolds, distributor, timing belt, etc.). Models produced since 1996 require changing over the bottom timing cover and timing gear for the crank angle sensor. Since these engines are imported, the external parts (intake, exhaust, distributor, etc.) are Japanese market parts, not US manufactured, so your US engine parts need to be swapped to this engine. For additional warranty & shipping information, please call us at either of our Northern California locations. Thank you very much for your business.Engine has been cleaned and tested for compression, oil pressure, and leak down tested.


  • 12 Month/12K Miles Warranty on all Used & Rebuilt Engines & Transmissions.
    • All of our rebuilt products come with a Twelve month/Twelve thousand mile warranty on the block and head.  Warranty is voided if engine is overheated or mistreated. The warranty does not cover any external parts such as but not limited to: Alternators, Starters, Distributors, Wiring, Belts, sensors, gaskets, plastic trim, and wire harness.  Original or new external solenoids must be installed on automatic transmissions by customer or customer's mechanic and are not covered by warranty.  Please call us regarding Extended Warranties on rebuilt engines & transmissions!!

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